Feb 03

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Student Led Conference Information

This week’s Student Led Conference communication is all about the nuts and bolts of the sessions this Thursday afternoon.  It is almost showtime as the Penguins are putting the finishing touches on their presentations.  Each child will be rehearsing with a peer at school to offer kind, helpful and specific feedback for improvement.  Here are a few reminders about the details you need for making the conference the best possible experience for our students.


  1. If you have not signed up for a conference session, please do so immediately by reaching out to your child’s teacher or visiting http://bit.ly/slcpem.
  2. Plan on arriving to the school with plenty of time to get settled with parking and entering the building.  This is one area of stress that we can reduce for each student by giving each child time to begin calm and focused.  Siblings of the child presenting may also attend the conference so the entire family can participate.  All staff will be engaged and not able to supervise children in other areas of the building.
  3. Each parent will be given a guidance document as you arrive that will state the norms for the students and parents.  We will include some guiding questions in case your child needs some gentle assistance.
  4. A presentation station will be prepared for your family during the session time.  If you happen to be running late, the staff will be ready with alternative spots.
  5. Teachers will greet each family and help each student get started.  Then the teacher will withdraw from the table to facilitate and assist with multiple conferences.
  6. Remember to only intercede when it is a comfortable time in the dialogue to avoid interrupting the thought process for the students as they are presenting.
  7. We would recommend that you celebrate this special school event by allowing your child to choose a congratulations such as their favorite snack, a dessert treat, or even dinner at their favorite restaurant.  Please follow up with praise for the preparation and effort that went into his or her conference.


This is a new effort for all of us and we appreciate your partnership.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon.


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