Jan 11

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Updated Grade Level Schedules Starting February 22nd for Virtual and In-person Learners

As we move into the next phase of learning, our team made some adjustments to our grade level schedules. Remember, ALL students will follow the proposed schedules virtually and in-person. The schedules were created to accommodate and provide consistency for both groups of students and our teachers.   Starting February 22nd, all students will follow the schedules below:

Updated Grade Level Schedules:

Jan 25 Grade 5 Schedule

Jan 25 Grade 4 Schedule

Jan 25 Grade 3 Schedule

Jan 25 Grade 2 Schedule

Jan 25 Grade 1 Schedule

Jan 25 Kindergarten Schedule


Wellness Wednesdays

Virtual learning day for all pre-K through grade 5 students (this will be the first “Wellness Wednesday” for pre-K through grade 5 students). As a reminder, beginning on February 24th for pre-K through 5 students, all Wednesdays for the remainder of the school year will be virtual and known as “Wellness Wednesdays” and be characterized by:

    • Additional deep cleaning of schools.
    • Two hours of teacher-led virtual learning (elementary schools) from 8:00 – 10:00 AM.
    • Additional independent student learning time.
    • Academic and social/emotional support.
    • Teacher planning and professional learning time.

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