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Pemberton Elementary School, located in the Tuckahoe Division, has had many transitions in its school history. The original one-room school was established about 1905. It was named Coal Pit School after the nearby Springfield Coal Pit and was supervised by Virginia Estelle Randolph. In 1932, a new wood-framed building was used near the present-day fire station on Quioccasin Road. It was named Quioccasin School. The school was destroyed in a fire in 1953. The County acquired land and built a brick school across the street. It was named the William LeRoy Vandervall School after a retired civic leader. Due to integration, the school was closed in 1968. It re-opened and was used as a public library until the construction of the Tuckahoe Public Library. In 1969, the facility opened as an integrated school named Crestview Annex for 6th and 7th graders whose nearby middle school was still under construction. In 1971, the facility became known as Pemberton Elementary School.

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Our History…

In the 1800s the Vandervall family began their legacy of improving the lives of others through education.  The family organized a classroom in their home, where Quioccasin Middle School now sits.  In the 1880s William Leroy Vandervall established a one-room school on the land across the street.  After a fire destroyed that small school, Henrico …

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